Follow These Natural Ways To Prevent Termites In Your House

Follow These Natural Ways To Prevent Termites In Your House

If you have noticed the beginning of termite infestation in the wooden area of your house or in your garden, it is necessary to take steps for eliminating them at the right time. You can use the Termite Bait Sunshine Coast but there are many natural remedies available too and you must give them a try. To know about them, read this article.


They are parasitic worms that love to eat termites and you can buy them online or go in the local market. You just have to release them into that area where the termites are present and you are done. They will eat their lunch within a short period of time. They will continue to seek them out until they are totally gone.


It is a wonder material that is found in every house. You can use it for cleaning everything in your kitchen but it is very effective for getting rid of termites. You need to mix half a cup of vinegar with two lemons and you have got the mixture that is called termite killer. Transfer it into a spray bottle and spread it in all those areas where you suspect them. The acidic ingredient will kill them on the spot but make sure to use this method daily until they are completely gone. 

Sodium borate

It is also known as borax powder that has the ability to kill termites. You can sprinkle it on the affected location or mix it in water and spray, whatever way suits you most. If you will add vinegar in it then the effectiveness will enhance.

Orange oil

It is made of d-limonene which is a deadly element for killing them. It is derived from the orange peels and it is easy to buy it from garden stores as well as from the internet. The oil can cause termites to dissolve, lose moisture and proteins and at the end, die.  Spray it directly on the affected area and check it after some time to know about the situation. It is good to use it daily for getting good results.

Wet cardboard

Termites are the fans of two things in which water and wet cardboard are included. Just dip the cardboard in the water and set it on the suspected site. Putting down this Termite Baiting System Sunshine Coast will attract them and when you will see that they are settled, and then burn it.