air purifier with UVC

Maintenance and Safety for Air Purifiers with UVC Cleaning

Have you purchased an air purifier with UVC properties? This technology effectively kills microorganisms in the air by producing an energetic beam of ultraviolet radiation. The result is superior air quality with improved hygiene.

Nowadays, many people choose to buy an air cleaner for the clean air in their homes and offices. But while they’re clearly great at their job, it is important to be careful with them.

High-end purifiers are certainly worth the money. But they’re still a costly investment and require proper care if they are to last beyond their warranty period.

Proper Maintenance

Proper maintenance is crucial for your UVC device for both safety and efficacy. This doesn’t just include cleaning and safekeeping as most devices are fairly durable and low-fuss in that regard.

The HEPA filters, however, are the main part of air purifier maintenance. After a while, they require routine replacement after collecting so much dust and microscopic debris. A general rule of thumb is that you should change the filter at least once per month.

air purifier with UVC

In some cases, changing it sooner would be better. This will ensure that your device continues to operate efficiently and effectively over time. Filters are available from many manufacturers or in bulk packs from retailers.

Ensuring Safety

UV-C lamps, not just home appliances. They’re for disinfecting water, air, and surfaces in hospitals, laboratories, and other environments where the risk of contamination is high.

UV-Light Safety

Any device or machine that uses UV light requires care from its users. The UVC emission is not strong enough to cause skin burns. Even so, due to its faintly carcinogenic nature, it is best to handle it when it is off.

Plus, it can cause eye damage if you look directly at the light. So, avoid looking at the bulb. In fact, most purifiers keep the light hidden from view for our safety. Therefore, it’s better to use it when it is off.

Ozone Emissions

There are concerns with the ozone-production capabilities of devices that use UV light. But with air purifier installation, it’s important to know that their ozone production is not enough to cause any problems. Nonetheless, it is recommended to keep your devices in a well-ventilated area and use it only when needed.


Air purifiers with UVC properties can help destroy contaminants, including viruses, bacteria and allergens. To do so, the device requires proper cleaning and safe handling.

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