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5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Deck Or Awning From The Elements

If you lived in the state of Florida, like many other homeowners, you’ve probably realized by now that your deck, awnings, or porch experiences enormous abuse from the elements. Whether it be the hot and humid summers or the cold and wet winters, many materials just aren’t built to withstand much of this kind of Weather. Fortunately, there are several ways you can assist with deck covering or awning against these elements without much work involved. Here are 5 easy ways to do it!

Invest in a retractable awning:

One of the simplest methods to protect your deck or patio from the elements. If you live in an area with year-round sun, you must invest in some awning to help protect you from harmful rays. These can be retractable or permanent and can be obtained online or at the majority of home improvement retailers.

Buy some waterproof furniture covers:

If you have expensive furniture on your glass deck or patio that you want to protect from rain and snow, this is another option! Many types of waterproof covers are available for almost anything from chairs to tables to couches. These are perfect if you have kids who like playing outside in the rain.

Use a marine-grade sealant:

deck covering

Suppose you have a wooden deck awning or porch exposed to moisture regularly throughout the year (especially during rainy seasons). In that case, using marine-grade sealant will help protect against water damage significantly more than regular paint would. In addition, this type of sealant is more resistant to UV rays and can withstand high temperatures.

Buy a sun umbrella:

Sun umbrellas are great for shading your deck or patio furniture from harmful UV rays during those hot summer months when it’s too bright for most people to enjoy their outdoor living spaces comfortably. You can find them at most hardware stores or online retailers.

Choose wood with a high density:

The higher the density number, the harder and stronger your wood will be against moisture penetration. This is important because if water gets into your wood, it can cause all sorts of problems, from mildew growth to rotting and warping over time.


It may not be a feel-good topic, but it’s important. Protecting your deck covering and your awnings will extend their life and help them look great. Plus, it’s much easier to do it now than to dismantle and replace them down the line. So if you’re looking for a way to safeguard your investment, let these tips serve as a starting point.

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