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What are Window Blind and its Various Types?

Window blinds are the main part of a window that is useful to protect wind and dust. There is number of verities available in the market of different style of the window blind. The design of window blinds mostly follows to the horizontal and vertical slats. Those slats of window blinds can be made of any material. That material can be plastic, wood, or metal. Those windows covering also known as shade. Window blinds are the better source to protect window. If you want to protect your windows then contact to timber blinds Adelaide Company. This is the best window blinds service provider company.

Different types of Window Blind

As we know, there are different types of blinds with different styles and features. There is one advanced feature that is some window blind has a feature of a remote control. This is the really good feature of window blinds. That makes it so popular among people. To know more and more about window blinds can visit venetian blinds Adelaide. It some popular types have been discussed below:


These type of unique window blind are classic and inexpensive. Mini-blinds are available in one-inch slats. It has various size i.e. you will get any length or width of window blinds. Mini-blinds are used anywhere lie bedrooms, kitchens, workrooms etc. Especially choose for narrow windows and best quality form of the window blind. Mini-blinds are useful for indoor and outdoor. They are easy to clean and don’t require lots of care.

Vertical Blinds

The size of slats in window blind is 3 to 3.5 inch. You can rotate them completely and allow full privacy to your room. It has safety features that child safe wand control system. To put up this type of window blinds choose aluminum, fabric, or wood. It has a feature of a one-way draw and split draw that allows you to move them as you want to move them.

Plantation Blinds

The size of slats in this type of window blinds is 2 to 2.5 inch that is a perfect size for every window. It has the best feature that they work well with any décor. You can put up that type of blinds in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms etc. Using natural wood for fixing it is could be the great decision. They are easy to remove and clean. To install your window blinds contact to timber blinds Adelaide Company. They have better quality work and well-qualified staff.