Top 5 Benefits of Green Walls on Human Nature
Green walls

Top 5 Benefits of Green Walls on Human Nature

Green walls are also known by some other names including bio wall, wall garden, or vertical garden. It is a self-sufficient garden, which grows vertically. It can exist both on the exterior and interior of the building. Living walls offer a variety of benefits related to the environment, marketing, building-related aspects, and many more. Many of which are a result of the fulfilment of the human need to connect with nature. Let’s have an in-depth look at the benefits of these living walls on human nature:

 Top 5 Benefits of Green Walls:

  1. Rise the feelings of wellbeing:

Plants are able to provide uplifting and calming effects on people. It helps in purifying the air, and in result, cleaner air leads to fewer health complaints as well as an increase in focus and attention. Maximizing human health and wellness by installing vertical gardens within the built environment can improve wellbeing, boost happiness, and reduce absenteeism.

  1. Reduce stress:

Wall garden provide instant stress relief and a soothing effect by softening the surrounding environment. Research shows that lower cortisol levels and reduced anxiety level are correlated with access and interaction with plants. Viewing plants for 3 to 5 minutes improves your brain activity, muscle tension, blood pressure, and heart activity as well.

  1. Offer powerful healing environment:

Do you know plants help in encouraging fast recovery for patients and resulting in a shorter stay in the hospital? Yes, it is true, patients who physically interact with the plants use less medication and experience faster recovery in less time as compared to those patients that don’t interact with the plants or greenery.

  1. Develop positive energy:

Different colours have a different effect on our moods and emotions. The green colour is associated with safety, so green plants create positive energy and develop a comforting environment. In short, in the presence of nature, you will experience greater satisfaction and positive feelings.

  1. Create a Community Feel:

Greenery always attracts people and helps in lightening the mood. It brings people together, and it has a positive effect on the social cohesion in neighbourhoods. The spaces with more green plants suffer less from aggression, violence, and vandalism.

Green walls have a great impact on the physical and mental health of a person. Interaction with plants offers a lot of benefits. Building nature into the built environment allows the residents, patients, employees, and customers to benefit from the healing power of plants.