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Why is there a Need to go for Temporary Fencing Options for Your Construction Site?

Looking for temporary fencing? The issue of security is always present in real estate. It is always the responsibility of property owners to keep their property secure from those who may cause harm or do something untoward. Thievery and arson are among these undesirables.

There can be no such thing as a property owner allowing that to happen. In this case, he is looking at the return on his property investment. During construction, temporary fencing will be required. Fences are usually not built right away when construction begins. 

Once a building has been laid out, ground-breaking and fencing can begin. Fences are still the primary concern, so temporary fences surround construction sites.

Why should you go for a temporary fence on a construction site?

Construction site fences aren’t just for security reasons, however. As a result of construction, soil erosion takes place.

The topsoil needs to be dug out and brought in to build a building. Although eroded soil and sediments are typical on a construction site, it is essential to prevent them from escaping into the environment where they will cause problems off-site.

Sedimentation is one of the results of on-site soil erosion. Through storm drains near the construction site, sediment could get into a city’s storm sewer system if left unprotected.

temporary fencing

Consequently, the city’s water system can deteriorate, which poses health risks, especially to those who rely on municipal water as a source of drinking water.

To reduce the effects of soil erosion and sedimentation, countries worldwide mandate that firms take measures to limit them and contain soil erosion inside construction sites.

If the company fails to comply with these requirements, fines will be assessed, and even clean-up efforts may be required to restore the quality of water and repair the damage caused to the storm sewer system due to sedimentation. Companies should avoid having to do that as it can be costly.

Different Types of Temporary Fencing Available in Market

A construction company can choose from a variety of temporary fencing options. It would help if you bought fences made by specialized firms rather than building your own. Some of the options include:

·       Printed Dust Fence

Dust fences are constructed from vinyl banners attached to posts to function as erosion control and advertisements at the same time. Your company’s name and contact information can be displayed on banners for all to see.

·       Visual Barrier Fence

Visual barrier fences are helpful when your construction site is located alongside a road because they allow you to identify the site boundaries quickly, preventing accidents. During the day and at night, fencing Auckland can be seen by bright banners or barriers painted in bright colors, especially orange. For more information visit our Website.