outside window shutters

Outside Window Shutters For Decorative And Protection Purposes

We want our homes to look great and portray the best version of us out there. You can use outside window shutters to decorate your house. Windows shutters are also utilized to keep heat, light, and noise out. These shutters are available in many different types, some for decorative and others for functional purposes.

Outside Windows Shutters: What You Should Know

Decorative Shutters

Decorative outside shutters are mostly made of faux wood or wood. It’s easy to attach the shutters to the side of your outside windows and paint them to match the door and trim of your house. The shutters come with two panels, one for each side of your window. The panels don’t remain affixed to the window and don’t open or close.

Solid outside Shutters

They may have a similar look to the decorative shutters. The only difference is that they are designed to close. They are made of wood panels and most of them feature decorative panels on the outside to add some vibrancy to the shutter. The shutters effectively prevent cold from entering the house during winter and keep out heat in the summers.

outside window shutters

Roll-Down Metal & Bahama Shutters

The roll-down metal and Bahama shutters are two types of outside shutters for windows utilized as emergency shutters. Like plantation shutters, they are quite popular. But, you can’t use them daily as they block all the sunlight from your house. Additionally, they don’t keep the heat out because they aren’t designed for that.

These types of window shutters are used in situations where a massive storm like a tornado or hurricane is expected to be en route. The shutters are made using sturdier materials like steel or metal. They don’t have the decorative aspect but will prevent your windows from breaking and enhance your safety.

Do You Need Outside Windows?

You don’t have to worry about choosing between outside and interior shutters. Mostly, people with outside shutters also have interior window shutters. Each type serves different purposes. Outside shutters are used mostly for aesthetic purposes and to keep wild storms out.

You can also use exterior window shutters to insulate your house. On the other hand, interior window shutters are primarily for protection. They keep elements out and enhance the privacy of your home.


It’s a good idea to install outside window shutters. When you decide to do so, ensure you buy from reputable sellers who are likely to give you some discounts. For more information visit our Website.