marble dining table in Gold Coast

3 Tips For Maintaining A Marble Dining Table in Gold Coast

Owning a stunning marble dining table in Gold Coast can be a fantastic experience for homeowners. It’s an excellent centrepiece for any modern house, plus it’s durable and a worthy investment.

However, with something so valuable, it’s important to care for your table properly. There are many different ways to keep your dining table looking like new for a long time. If done correctly, the right way, your investment will last for years down the track.

Keep Away from Direct Sunlight

Marble is certainly durable, but it’s not invincible. One thing you must never do with your marble table is to leave it out in direct sunlight for long. This will cause your table to become permanently discoloured.

Try keeping it indoors, ideally away from large windows or ones that don’t have curtains or shutters. This helps keep your table looking good as new for longer.

Be Wary of What You Put On It

Be careful about what you on it. Avoid spills, water marks, or placing hot pots or pans on the surface of your marble dining table. These things can stain or damage your table top over time.

marble dining table in Gold Coast

Use coasters and table mats where necessary. If it comes to cleaning, be quick so the stains aren’t absorbed into the porous finish. And don’t use abrasive chemicals or materials to remove the stains.

Clean your marble benchtops in Gold Coast using warm water and mild dish soap. Make sure to rinse off any soap residue completely before drying with a clean cloth. You can also use nonabrasive cleaners or polish designed specifically for marble surfaces.

Don’t Move Your Table Too Much

Marble is heavy, unwieldy, and prone to chips or scratches if mishandled. So, you should avoid moving your marble dining table frequently because this can cause damage to its surface.

The best thing is to keep it in one place so that it does not get damaged easily. Even when it first arrives at home, don’t try moving it in the house without experienced personnel on site.


When properly cared for, marble is a beautiful material that can last for decades with no visible sign of wear. Achieving that, however, requires some care on your end.

The guide above covers all the basics you’ll need to treat your table like an heirloom. It’s simple, effective, and guarantees that your investment stays in shape for long.

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