Kitchen manufacturers in Christchurch

Major Kitchen Styles that Kitchen Manufacturers in Christchurch Design

Most people have different tastes and hence may prefer a particular kitchen style over another. Fortunately, Kitchen manufacturers in Christchurch have professionals that can design any design a client wishes. The professionals have vast experience in large and small kitchen installation services.

5 Spectacular Kitchen Styles You Should Consider

  • Modern kitchen style

This kitchen idea involves low-hanging cabinets for storing kitchen items such as groceries. It also features a smooth, white, brown, or black finish, especially on the sink and the cooking area. All the cabinets feature wooden doors and a beautiful artificial finish that is attractive to the human eye.

  • Slab-door kitchen style

This style involves multiple cabinets on opposite sides. One cabinet has a double sink installed for washing the dishes and cleaning the groceries during cooking. It also features hot and cold sink taps for a stress-free dishwashing experience.

  • Farmhouse kitchen style

Reputable kitchen companies in Christchurch can help install this kitchenette in any house. It features one wooden base cabinet, two stools and two uniform windows to light the cooking area.

It features another cabinet for storing groceries and dry utensils plus one deep sink. Finally, it has two mounted wooden cups and glass holder racks.

  • Cottage style

This kitchen style has one large mounted wooden utensils rack for holding wine glasses, kettles, and plates. Additionally, it has an extended L-shaped base cabinet with wooden doors. One section of the cabinet features one sink with two taps.

  • Transactional kitchen style

A transactional style features a small section at the corner for the refrigerator. Additionally, it also features a long worktop with three wooden stools. The worktop features two shelves for storing utensils or books like novels.

Kitchen manufacturers in Christchurch

Main Professionals Working for Kitchen Manufacturers in Christchurch

  • Plumbers

Kitchen installers will help a client install a double sink to simplify dishwashing. The plumber will also install sink taps on both sinks.

  • Electricians

The installers also help to install and connect an electric cooker to the power source. Additionally, they can help one to upgrade their kitchen lighting to make the cooking area more modern and appealing.

  • Carpenters

This company has professional woodwork experts that help to design appropriate kitchen cabinets. Additionally, the professionals also create simple traditional stools for their clients.


The good news is that anyone can send a free quote to kitchen manufacturers in Christchurch. They will propose a good project amount depending on all the kitchen installation services one requires from them.