A Beginner’s Guide to Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a cost-effective method of growing plants without using soil. In this method of gardening, water and mixed nutrition solution is used to grow plants. The use of soil is eliminated in this process which makes it a popular choice for gardening.


This type of gardening entails more efficiency, and it is great in many other ways. It reduces the risk of pesticides as well as other plant borne diseases. And extending this gardening, people are now using organic gardening for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables through this technique.

This can be a surprise for all those who have never tried this type of cultivation linked with hydroponic. The major ingredients used in this type of gardening are water and the nutrients and fertilizers that can make it possible to pursue organic gardening. So it is easy for anyone to grow organic plants and vegetables at home without any issue.

More about hydroponics:

This term comes from the Greek language. The word hydro means water, whereas the term ponos means labour. It is a type of gardening in which you are allowed to cultivate plants with the use of water and mixed nutrients in the medium of perlite, mineral wool, and gravel. You don’t need to use the soil. It is only used to supply the nutrient solution to the plant roots artificially.

This gardening is proved to be a fascinating development in terms of indoor gardening. The most common reason why people are turning to this type of gardening is that it is a cost-effective and efficient method of growing organic plants and vegetables. The hydroponic supplies can easily be found out at stores, and one can easily start this gardening at his home.


There are so many advantages of growing organic plants through this technique. Some benefits are listed below:

  •         You don’t need soil for this gardening
  •         You will get a stable and substantial yield of plants
  •         This gardening reduces the risk of pests and other plant diseases
  •         It is a cost-effective method of growing organic plants
  •         It takes less space, time, and effort
  •         Nutrition cost is also low, and the nutrients mixed water is recyclable
  •         It creates no nutrition pollution, so you don’t need to worry about placing these plants inside your home
  •         This cultivation can be done in a sheltered area by utilizing artificial lighting

This is how the popularity of hydroponics is attributed to a higher rate of plant growth.