Expanded Polystyrene Blocks

The Major Benefits Of Expanded Polystyrene Blocks, From An Expert’s Perspective

Technically most experts recommend the use of expanded polystyrene blocks to package goods or for construction purposes. However, some people do not understand how beneficial EPS blocks are. Well, here are a few advantages of using EPS.

Expanded Polystyrene Blocks

Incredible Benefits of Using EPS

What better way to start than by highlighting the advantages of using EPS? Here are some of the top merits of using this material for construction.

  • EPS does not absorb water: you’ll be happy to know that ESP blocks have a low water absorption rate. Usually, the EPS granules are close to each other hence hindering water absorption. As a result, it does not provide a conducive ground for bacteria growth.
  • Blocks are environmentally friendly: unknown to most people, EPS blocks do not pollute the environment. Interestingly, these blocks are fire-resistant hence making them the best building material. Not to add, that ESP is odorless.
  • The blocks are light: another notable advantage is that EPS blocks are lightweight. Remember that nearly 97% of the block is air hence making it perfect for construction.
  • ESP blocks are highly affordable: surprisingly, it’s cheaper to construct using these blocks than by using alternative building materials. For this reason, experts recommend the use of these blocks.
  • Easy to install: the reality is that these blocks are easy to install as you do not need heavy construction tools.
  • Highly durable: every potential owner would like to buy the most durable building materials. The good news is that the blocks do not weaken with age.

Properties of Expanded Polystyrene Blocks

The truth is that several properties of expanded polystyrene blocks make them stand out from other construction materials. For example;

  • These blocks are highly lightweight: you’ll be happy to know that these blocks are light. As mentioned above, over 90% of these blocks are just air. No wonder builders recommend them to their clients as the best construction material.
  • Heat tolerant: you’ll be happy to know that these blocks can tolerate extreme weather conditions. That explains why they do not catch fire easily, unlike alternative construction materials.
  • Poor thermal conductivity: the beauty of EPS blocks is that they have low thermal conductivity properties.
  • Poor water absorption rate: these blocks do not absorb water fast like most other building alternatives.

Expanded Polystyrene Blocks

In conclusion, the use of expanded polystyrene blocks started way back in the 1950s. Millions of people have constructed structures using these building materials. Don’t hesitate to buy these blocks for construction purposes as well.

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