What is hydroponics? How does it work?

If you have any interest in learning about agricultural products, you can consider hydroponics, as one of the major ideas. It is a way to ignore soil and growing plants directly using nutrient rich water. The role of soil is missing in this process, but the presence of water is seen in abundance. However, there are different approaches people follow to grow plants, but the hydroponic system is awesome.

How does it work?

To know about the system, we always need things to work in this hydroponic process. What do we need? Here you go!

Fresh Water

There is always a need for fresh water to grow plants and vegetables. The best is to use clean and fresh water having a PH level around 6.5. Many users go with filtered water for this purpose, so they get it from hydroponic stores and local stores that deal in garden products.



Oxygen also plays a crucial part in growing plants. For all traditional and modern farming, best plants need proper respiration. So, you can’t eliminate oxygen when it comes to growing plants. The plant roots need oxygen for respiration. You have better leave space between the water reservoir and plants that you can manage with the help of an air pump.

Root Support

You also need root support to continue the hydroponic process without using soil. Your plant roots need proper support, but make sure you don’t include sand and material that carries moisture. Gravel is an example of this process. Further, you should also stay away from sand.


For the growth of plants, you need a variety of nutrients. You can’t ignore the facts of using nutrients, especially when we talk about phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and so many other nutrients to keep plants healthy.

So, you have to include a proper feed to grow productive plants. When you grow plants in the ground, you probably add soil. However, you don’t need soil to grow plants through the hydroponic system. In this process you have to add plant food to grow them efficiently and productively.


You always need led grow lights to manage the growth of your plants. It is an indoor activity, so you can’t skip this crucial process, as your plants have proper indoor light with different requirements.

Apart from using lights, you need to take proper care of hydroponics until the job is finished. However, the process is easy and smooth for growing productive plants without soil.

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