automatic door in Australia

The Definitive Buying Guide for Automatic Doors in Australia

Investing in something like a new automatic door in Australia for your business can be an exciting process. But it’s a decision that you need to be careful with. There are many things to look at as not all door manufacturers are created equal.

Clearly, the addition of automation is of great help to users of these doors. Nonetheless, it’s important that you don’t just go for the first option you see. Instead, make sure that you’re getting the best thing on the market.

Here are some considerations for you in that regard.

Which Opening Mechanisms Do You Need?

Automatic doors come in a number of forms. The traditional swing or revolving doors just need an automated device that will take care of everything. But while they’re ideal for offices, revolving doors are a magnificent addition for large malls or emporiums.

However, for a practical choice that saves more space, look no further than a sliding door. This type of automatic door is ideal for office buildings and commercial spaces. Its compactness means that it can fit in a larger number of places, including hallways and alcoves.

Are They Aesthetically Pleasing?

If you’re planning to install door in your building or institution, it needs to look good. This doesn’t mean that you should pick the most expensive model on the market.

There are plenty of sleek and stylish models that don’t cost a fortune. You can also opt for custom-made automatic doors, which are designed and manufactured according to your specifications.

Do They Offer Safety?

automatic door in Australia

Automatic doors should come with sensors that allow them to close or open slowly when you’re in their path. Thus, no one is injured by them closing too quickly or forcefully on them as they walk into them.

Are They Energy Efficient?

One of the biggest benefits of automatic doors is their energy efficiency. These doors have been designed to use less electricity, which means that you’ll be able to save on bills. Plus, this makes them a greener choice.


Automatic doors in Australia are one of those things that, once installed, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. They’re convenient and they can save a lot of time and energy for your business.

But clearly, they’re not all created equal. Luckily, with these precautions and considerations, you can make informed picks that fit your establishment like a glove.