asbestos report

What is an asbestos report and do you need it?

Asbestos report is made after the asbestos removal to show clearance of substance. If you are planning any renovation or constructing a building with asbestos material then the report must be issued before construction certificate after the completion. It is to make clear that the asbestos containing material in the building is removed and the now after construction area does not contain any traces.

asbestos report

The asbestos report brisbane verifies following points:

  • Air monitoring is completely done during the removal of asbestos material.
  • The settled dust samples were taken and examined for possible exposure risk.
  • A visual inspection is done to make sure the complete removal of asbestos material in the building.

Do you need an asbestos report?

The very simple and short answer is yes you need it for your building. If you do not know whether your building has the asbestos or not and spend a cost for the process then you will suffer loss. Therefore, an asbestos report comes into play and detail on how much and where asbestos is present in the material and if needed removal.

It has become important for property owners to make sure that the building they own are completely safe from asbestos exposure and taking precautions for risk. The properties can include residential, retail, industrial, commercial or any other.

It is a law duty

Asbestos when exposed is a dangerous material and put the lifes at risk. It has been encoded in the law for the health sake of tenants, visitors, contractors, workers and inhabitants.

According to Civil Liability Act 2002, the asbestos report must be done on a property. The law includes following points:

  • Whether risk was foreseeable.
  • Was the proper precautions taken into account by reasonable people after seeing the likely and probability of seriousness of theĀ  harmful situation.
  • Was the precautions reasonably practicable along with financial burden and other considerations?

asbestos report

Moreover, The WH&S Act 2011 and the WH&S Regulation 2011 gives significant obligations, and duties to the person who is responsible for the management of asbestos material property. It can be the owner or resident and they need to make sure the other people present on the property are away from exposure and health risk due to inhalation of asbestos.