Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Fix Your Air Conditioning Unit

Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Fix Your Air Conditioning Unit

Unfortunately, sometimes our most useful appliances break down – even when we need them the most. Repairs and services can be expensive, but waiting to fix your air conditioning unit does more harm than good, especially if you’re trying to save money. Damaged air conditioning units cause more problems along the way if you ignore the repairs that they need. Here’s why: 

The Damage Gets Worse The Longer You Ignore It 

You might think that the problem your air conditioning unit has is minor, but it could cause some catastrophic results if you ignore it. For example, a clogged air filter is not a big deal in an air conditioner. The air filters trap any dust, pollen or other contaminants from moving through the system and into your air supply. They’re also easy and affordable to clean out or replace. 

However, if you think it’s a simple problem that can be ignored, you’re wrong. If you leave a clogged air filter alone, thinking it will hold up for another month or two before you get it serviced, your air conditioner could have a full system breakdown. The dirt clogging the air filters will put a strain on the system, causing it to malfunction. It can even spread the blockage around the rest of the unit, leaving dust and other impurities in amongst the intricate workings of the interior. 

Decreased Performance 

When minor things go wrong, most air conditioning units will continue to function until the small problem becomes a significant problem. However, when it’s still working, you’ll experience a dip in the performance that you’re used to, even though it will be straining to function like normal. Therefore, if your air conditioning unit needs to be serviced, you can expect a decline in cooling power. 

You installed your air conditioning unit to keep you cool during the warmer months. The heat of summer can be unbearable, so you can count on being hot and uncomfortable if you ignore scheduled maintenance, or if your system needs repairs. So if you overlook a fault in your air conditioner, the system won’t work the way you want it to. If you installed it to keep you cool, and it can barely perform that function, you’ve paid good money for it to be ineffective. 

You’ll Pay More The Longer You Wait 

One of the most common reasons why people ignore problems with their air conditioning units is because they can’t afford the upcoming service or repair bills. You might even want to wait a few months until you have a bit more expendable income to spend on a service. That’s understandable – however, it’ll cost you more in the long run, the longer you wait. 

The first thing to remember is that a system in disrepair will not be as energy-efficient as you’re used to. Because it’s straining to perform basic functions, you can expect to use more energy than before, and therefore, a much higher energy bill than what you’ve budgeted for. 

It’s also important to remember that maintenance is always cheaper than repairs. Getting your air conditioning units serviced allows technicians to catch any potential faults that can be repaired or replaced before the damage becomes too extensive. If you wait before getting your system serviced or repaired, you might end up paying more to get the issue fixed, than if you hadn’t waited. Therefore, you might think that you’re saving money by ignoring the problem, but you’re actually allowing the system more time to become more damaged. You might even have to replace the whole unit! 

Air conditioning units are supposed to keep you cool and comfortable during the hottest months of the year. However, they also need to be serviced and repaired regularly. And although services and repairs might cost money, you could be heading towards an even more expensive repair bill further down the line if you ignore it. Whether you’re trying to save money, or you think that the damage is not so extensive that you can still run your air conditioning system, you’ll end up paying for the negligence one way or another – either in running costs with higher energy bills or in repair costs from damage that has gotten worse over time. 

If you want to be comfortable and cool in the summer, contact Comfy Kiwi Homes to schedule regular maintenance for your air conditioning units. Regular maintenance will keep your system running properly for longer, and you’ll save money in the long term. Don’t ignore the signs of damage! Call Comfy Kiwi Homes today.