HVAC system

What is an HVAC System?

The term HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It is the system used by most of the buildings to ensure a comfortable and temperate interior environment. The primary use of this system is to provide heating and cooling to residential and commercial buildings. It works by regulating and maintaining the humidity, climate, temperature as well as airflow in the space. Buildings need to have an HVAC system that prevents the occurrence of mould or proliferation of any harmful organisms. Do you know how does it work and how its three parts are interlinked? Ok, let us tell you all about its functionality and its three major components:

How does it work?

The three parts of this system performing their specific functions are interrelated, especially when it comes to providing acceptable indoor air quality and thermal comfort. In this system, heating and air conditioning are the most complicated and extensive systems in any home. It is most commonly used in large buildings, but some homeowners have installed it in their homes. In this system, the three parts work collectively and distribute the air in the room. Let’s discuss the three components:


This part is usually referred to as a furnace or a boiler. This part consists of a pipe system for the fluid carrying the heat or ductwork if you’re working with a forced-air system. It can be categorised into two systems: the central heating system and the local heating system. The heating system is usually used in cold climates and provides heat and warmth to private homes and public buildings. Usually, this system includes a furnace, boiler, or a heat pump. Some systems of HVAC in Aukland automatically adjust the temperature base on the weather that gives you more convenience.


This component automatically cleans the air as well as adjusts the air coming from the outside environment. It also removes the harmful air to prevent moisture, odours, smoke, heat, airborne bacteria, and dust to stagnate and settle in the room. In short, this component brings fresh air inside the building or house, which gives you more convenience to breathe while at the same time, eliminating the harmful air from insides like smoke and excessive carbon dioxide.


Air Conditioning:

This part ensures a comfortable and cool environment during the summer season. It works by eliminating the heat through the process of radiation, convection, and conduction. It uses mediums such as water, ice, air, and a refrigerant called Freon to guarantee cooling, ventilation, and humidity control. The air conditioning component can either be centralised or controlled.

The Best HVAC system is commonly used in industrial buildings and marine environments to ensure it meets a specific environmental condition. It helps to maintain the temperature and humidity level of any environment perfectly.