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Tips To Design Small Bathroom Spaces

Most people want large bathrooms in the house so that they can move around in the place but it becomes a problem when you only have a limited amount of space and what to fit everything inside of it. One of the trends that we have seen is that people have combined bathroom laundry Sunshine Coast just to save the space.

Most individuals have a separate laundry and bathrooms Sunshine Coast but in small houses, people have started to adjust the space by adjusting the laundry area inside the bathroom to space a lot of space that can be used for something much better such as extra storage space.

So today we are going to talk about some of the ways in which you can small bathroom design spaces and still make them look modern and fresh. These tips will definitely help you if you are trying to put in the laundry area inside your bathroom so continue reading to learn some space saving tricks.

  • Go for the corner sink

Sinks and vanities can take a lot of space in a small bathroom but they are still essential so the best way to place them in tiny bathrooms is to put them in the corner. If you have a vertical bathroom space then the sink will take much of the space if it is placed at the sides and will disrupt your movement so place it in the corner where it won’t come in your way. You can get nice rounded corner sinks for bathrooms Sunshine Coast.

  • Place a shower curtain

A glass door for the shower will take a lot of space and opening it inside or out will require you to free the space. Small bathroom spaces can’t support this to instead go with a shower curtain. It might not look as classy as the glass door but it will definitely serve the purpose.

  • Install wall hung toilet seat

Wall hung toilets are a modern way of saving up some space in your bathroom. In-wall hung toilets the drainage pipes are installed inside the walls so you can place them anywhere where they seem like an appropriate fit. Plus they are a bit smaller in size so they take up less space.

  • Add extra storage compartments over the toilet

Small bathroom spaces lack the storage spaces but you can extra shelves over the toilet seat to place your towels and other bathroom essentials. This will give you extra storage and will not even cost to much.