Termite treatment in Tweed Heads

What Everyone Should Know About Efficient Termite Treatment in Tweed Heads

Termite treatment in Tweed Heads is fundamental to prevent asthmatic attacks and the spread of other disturbing diseases. However, homeowners must know that controlling these pests is difficult as they reproduce in a few days. Therefore, pest control professionals must adopt the best control measure to kill them for good.

Recommendable Techniques for Termite Treatment in Tweed Heads

1. Spraying Pesticides

Pest control professionals recommend specific insecticides such as Taurus and Bifen XTS to kill all the termites. These chemicals feature AChE that weakens neurotransmitters, triggering their deaths.

2. Creating Termite Baits

Homeowners can also consider Sentricon or Exterra to capture unsuspecting termite colonies. They mainly target the worker and soldier termites but one must be patient as it will take time to end all colonies.

3. Biological Control Methods

A better option is to unleash nematodes to termite colonies to feed on them once and for all. However, one must let professionals conduct this, as nematodes are microscopic and thus hard to control.

4. Applying Essential Oils

Another tip for good quality termite treatment in Murwillumbah is to apply specific oils such as neem oil. One only needs to mix these oils with a few cups of water and spray it on all termite-infested areas.

5. Spraying Boric Acid

Pest control experts recommend applying boric acid as it dehydrates termite colonies quickly, resulting in mass deaths. Given this, tenants should spray these insecticides on the floor, ceiling, and wall.

Termite treatment in Tweed Heads

Common Mistakes Pest Control Professionals Make During Termite Treatment

Here are the mistakes some pest management experts make during pest control.

  • Failure to Inspect the Building First

Well-experienced pest treatment experts don’t rush to spray termite colonies haphazardly. Instead, they inspect the property to know all the infested areas to adopt the best control measure.

  • Failure to Identify the Trigger of Termite Infestation

Factors like poor drainage, damp wood, or clogged gutters might attract termites to a property. Therefore, proper termite treatment in Tweed Heads involves identifying what’s attracting these pests to the house.

  • Failure to Spray the Entire House

Termites can hide in the ceiling, wall cracks, and under the bed for reproduction and safety purposes. Therefore, professionals must spray the whole house to control all existing termite colonies.


Quick termite treatment in Tweed Heads is recommendable to prevent costly structural damage. These pests can cause untold damage, particularly on wooden apartments and such pieces of furniture.