Sanitary bins

How To Choose The Right Sanitary Bins For Commercial Bathrooms

Sanitary bins are important in public spaces like schools, universities, and hospitals. They are used to dispose of sanitary products.

The main purpose of these bins is to provide a suitable place for people to dispose of their sanitary items, including tampons and pads. Sanitary bins are typically located or positioned near entrances or exits.

So if you also need to buy such type of a bin, you should consider the following key points:

Consider the size and shape of the bin:

When selecting such a type of bin for a commercial bathroom, it is important to consider the area’s size. A modern commercial bathroom products should have more than one type of bin available. This way, guests will always find an appropriate option to use.

The shape of the bin may also be important when choosing the right one for your business. Different shapes, like squares or round, can make a big difference in how much space is used in your bathroom and what your guests prefer using.

Choose between a manual or automatic sanitary bin:

Manual sanitary bins:

–       Manual bins are on the cheaper side, and they require less maintenance compared to automatic bins.

–       These bins work on the principle of gravity, and as such, they do not need any form of power or water supply to operate.

–       The downside is that they require a lot of pushing and pulling from the user and can often result in injuries like backache, sprained wrist or numbness of the hands.

Sanitary bins

Automatic sanitary bins:

–       Automatic bins do not require any manual labour and work on a timer system that sets the duration for which it will be open for use.

–       They are more expensive

Choose between free-standing or wall-mounted:

Free-standing bins need to be emptied and cleaned more often, taking up space. Wall-mounted bins in commercial bathrooms offer a better size and height for users.

Wall-mounted commercial toilets are becoming more popular with customers who have been looking for an alternative to traditional toilets that take up a lot of space in the bathroom. This design is also beneficial for people who need assistance getting on and off the toilet.

Sanitary bins are often designed to be aesthetically pleasing to enhance the beauty of the space. For example, some designs are made to look like a piece of furniture to not interrupt the aesthetics.

When choosing a sanitary bin for your commercial bathroom, it is important to consider both design and aesthetics so that it does not interrupt the beauty of your space while still being practical.

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