powder coating Brisbane

An Overview of the Powder Coating Process!

Powder coating is a kind of dry finishing that applies to different industrial objects. It has several uses that come in excellent coating, finishing, and design. In this article, we’ll overview the process of powder coating, Brisbane, to know its function and benefits.

Nowadays, many companies use this technique to give their products a classy touch. It gives excellent finishing to the object you want to use for commercial purposes. Today, many powder coating companies Brisbane have been formed that deal in a range of colors and textures with the help of technology.

powder coating Brisbane

If we take a look at the general aspects of powder coating, we find it a solved-based paint-filled come with spray technique. Indeed, it’s an environment-friendly product that has a strong connection with the recycling process when we talk about paint.

The actual purpose of this coating is to color metal items, as it gives excellent finishing to metal. Many industrial workers prefer to paint plastic, wood, and ceramics with this paint technique. It has several applications and that is the top benefit of using this powder coating technique. Today, people use it to cover so many products at home and offices.

If we talk about the types of powder coating, we can two common types;

  1. Thermoplastics
  2. Thermosets

If we look at a thermoset, it reacts with powder polymer and chemicals to increase the weight of the object, while thermoplastic gives the final coating without adding any further chemicals. Let’s take a look at its process! There are different stages that explain the process. Here we go with stage one!


The first stage is known as pre-treatment. In this stage, the object is being cleaned with lubricants and oils to bring an excellent coat and finish depending on the size of the product. It is used with designing phosphates and spraying techniques that do the actual work.

It is applied to various properties including wood, plastic, or glass. The preparation of material is an art that experts do at this stage. They use silicon carbide for grinding metal and other objects.

Powder Application

The powder application is the most important stage that experts manage using a spray gun. The use of an electrostatic gun is electric equipment used for coating the object after it gets heated up.


Curing is also an important phase of powder coating Brisbane, as it increases temperature and improves the flow of paint when applying to the object.

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