water filtration system

Introduction to water filtration system, rainwater filtration system

Water filtration system  is the filtration methods that are about how can we filter it by removing harmful chemicals and biological contaminants and solid particles like dirt and sand by using physical barrier and chemical process and natural process. Through water filtration system, we enjoy the sweet and better smelling water. It is equally essential for every organism as it is the generator of our life and essential for life-saving.

Home Environment Center

Home Environment Center provides purest, freshest and best-tasting water by using 10-stage  steps for its purification. These steps include Ion Exchange, Granular activated carbon, Sediment filter, reverse osmosis, five-micron carbon block filter, ultraviolet disinfection, five-micron sediment filter, ozonation, Storage and Recirculation. you can refine it  by distillation, boiling, Pasteurizing, Chemical Treatment, Chlorine Bleach and iodine

Three filters suit almost all homes like Single Countertop, Single Under Counter and double under counter Top. Single counter Top requires no tools to install, fits any mixer tap single under the counter has the elegant tap on the bar, fits neatly under the sink, double under bar provide the high level of filtration and sediment filtration.

Io-stage Drinking water purification process

Ion exchange process removes many harmful metals like iron, mercury and cadmium, that are responsible for a hardness of it.after this it moves to Granular activated carbon process that filters chlorine herbicides, and other organic contaminants like THMS and processes it to sediment filter that removes polluted particles such as dirt, and sand.Reverse osmosis has a membrane.This membrane detoxifies it by eliminating its impurities five-micron carbon block filter serves it to us by refining additional chlorine and natural contaminants.Ultraviolet Disinfection step has to sterilize UV light chamber that destroys the bacteria or virus and microbiological particles and chemical-free it. During the Ozonation step, ozone passes through it and oxidize the impurities and cryptosporidium. Then it moves through Storage and Recirculation process. During this step, additional ozone is added to maintain the bacteria-free condition. Finally, it passes through purified water dispensing step that moves it from dispenser to bottle and presence of ozone in it resanitize it as well.

So by refining it, minimizes the dangers of dangerous diseases of cancers, colon cancer and bladder cancer, and gastrointestinal by refining chlorine, chlorine byproducts. Our skins become softens and healthier and younger, and we can retain the hairs’ natural moisturizing oil with chlorine free it.Refining it strengthens our immune system that defence against the different diseases and keep us healthy and active.