Hardwood flooring

Best tips for taking good care of your hardwood floor

Hardwood flooring is an investment that can last decades or even longer. With proper care and maintenance, it is possible to have your hardwood flooring for many years; even a lifetime. The following are some helpful tips on taking good care of your hardwood floor.

Seek the right contractor to help you take care of your hardwood flooring. In case you do not have the right equipment or knowledge to take care of your hardwood flooring, then it is advisable that you seek professional help from a qualified hardwood floor contractor

Hardwood floor Inspection 

It is good to check whether your contractor has a background in taking care of other types of floors or if he is experienced with hardwood floors. Also, make sure that your contractor has the appropriate tools to maintain your hardwood flooring.


Apart from installation, it might be necessary for you to have some repair work done on your hardwood flooring or even refinishing it completely. Make sure that they are professionals in this area to avoid prolonged damage or unnecessary costs.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood Flooring should be Vacuum

 Since vacuuming is the first step of dusting, it is important that you ensure that your hardwood flooring is vacuumed thoroughly. This will help you pick up any larger bits of dust, dirt or wax before you try to dust.

Dusting Hardwood Floors 

Hardwood flooring are generally dusty surfaces and they should be dusted weekly on a regular basis to keep it looking at its best. Use a soft feather duster with lots of feathers to get into the crevices of your hardwood flooring for the best results.

Wiping Hardwood Floors 

If you have spillages of liquids on your hardwood flooring in Auckland then it is important that you clean up the excess liquid right away to prevent any stains from forming on your wood. A microfiber dust mop is good for this purpose. Otherwise, if you just need to clean up hardwood flooring dust, use a soft dry cloth to clean your hardwood floors.

Polishing Hardwood Floors

Your hardwood flooring Auckland will eventually need polishing. If you notice that there are fine scratches on the surface of your wooden floor then it is time to have them polished. However, if you want to give your hardwood flooring a more thorough clean then you can first try doing this with the right microfiber mop first.

Mopping Hardwood Floors 

It is important to make sure that you do not use any harsh chemicals on your wooden floors as it could damage the surface of the wood. 

Therefore, consider these best tips on taking good care of your hardwood flooring. For more information visit our Website.