best waterproofing for concrete slab

Top Factors To Consider When Selecting The Best Waterproofing For Concrete Slab

Undoubtedly, several contractors are opting for the best waterproofing for concrete slab, which may assist shorten project timelines. However, the latest waterproofing solutions may be applied in a single layer and do not need reinforcing.

Rather than trimming and inserting sheet membranes or reinforcing fleeces into a liquid waterproofing membrane system, the installer sprays the waterproofing solution into the arranged and assembled substrate. The waterproofing liquid rehabilitates to produce a single solid membrane. This may often save days of installation time on bigger projects.

There are plenty of variables to consider when selecting a spray-applied liquid waterproofing solution aside from time savings.

best waterproofing for concrete slab


You might need a solution with a high force necessary to break the specimen or cause full separation of components in a linear direction and shore strength. Elongation (membrane distance will stretch from its original size to the point at which it cracks) and hardness (a measure of the hardness of a specific substance or how resistant it will be to lasting indentation). Elongation is essential for waterproofing surfaces like roofs since the waterproofing membrane expands and contracts as the temperature fluctuates, and you need a solution with strong elongation, so it doesn’t split or rip.

Capability to bond

Ensure the product will adhere securely to the material you’re waterproofing if you’re bonding to a substrate. Water does not track behind the membrane since the material is completely bonded. Silicone sealant is one of the best waterproofing for concrete.

Time for curing

The cure period of various liquid waterproofing membrane solutions differs significantly. The quicker the drying period, the swift you can finish the work – and the quicker the surface is secured from rain. Hand-applied liquid waterproofing systems might take up to 48 hours to rehabilitate, but some spray-applied waterproofing solutions take just a few seconds to recover, and it is inconvenient since they are vulnerable to rain during that period.

Record of performance

For many years, liquid waterproofing membrane solutions have been in use. If they are qualified installers, check whether the manufacturer has a track record of success with this product. Must ask for references and some case studies to track their performance.

UV resistance

The membrane might lose some of its physical characteristics, causing it to become fractured and brittle when much sheet-applied and liquid-applied best waterproofing for concrete slab solutions are exposed to sunlight. Some sheet-applied solutions may survive UV exposure, but they are generally black, which absorbs heat and causes the roof to become extremely hot. This stresses the waterproofing membrane and reduces the structure’s strength.For more information visit our Website

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