aluminum pergola

Why You Should Consider An Aluminum Pergola

Are you looking for a way to enhance your garden landscaping? If your garden or yard is currently lacking shade, consider the addition of an aluminum pergola. Many people buy foldable umbrellas but a pergola is a much more stable option that will create a unique and lasting outdoor space.

A pergola will add that shade you want and also go a long way in beautifying your home. You can even take advantage of the structural element added to your garden and hang plants and grow climbing vines up it. Generally, a pergola can add so much more to your garden than a folding umbrella. 

The Versatility of an Aluminum Pergola

A pergola is a very versatile option since you can add it to your home as a free-standing structure. It can provide as much shade as you like and as mentioned, you can add hanging shade panels to create solid shade. 

You can add a pergola over your garden or patio or even a small walkway in your home. A partial pergola can be installed to allow some sunshine in while creating some shade at the same time if you’re looking for a compromise. 

aluminum pergola

Aluminum Materials for a Pergola

Wood happens to be the most popularly used material for pergolas. However, many people have realized the many benefits of aluminum and are now using it as well. A pergola made of aluminum is usually less expensive than wood. Also, they are quite easier to maintain as they don’t rust and are also pest-resistant. 

It would feel bad to spend so much money on your outdoor landscaping only for pest infestation or harsh weather conditions to ruin it. But when you use aluminum, you’ll not need to worry about anything and you can use your pergola for many years. 

You can Paint Aluminum to Look Like Wood

That’s another great advantage of using aluminum for a pergola. If you like the way wood looks but you still want to use aluminum for its other benefits; you can paint it to appear like wood. Additionally, you can even cover it with vines or plants and you’ll hardly remember that it’s not wood. 


A pergola is an excellent addition to any modern home, especially now when outdoor living has become so common. You can choose between wood and aluminum for your garden pergola. An aluminum pergola is better as it’s more durable as it’s not vulnerable to pest infestation and weather elements.