Toilet replacement in Upper Hutt

Toilet Replacement in Upper Hutt: When To Replace Your Toilet

Your toilet is one of the most important fixtures in your home – but when do you need to replace it? This can be a difficult question to answer, as there are a number of factors to consider.Toilet replacement in Upper Hutt is a big job, and it’s not something that you want to undertake lightly. In this article, we’ll let you know about 5 signs when to replace your toilet.

  • Frequent Clogs:

If your toilet has been clogged several times in a row, then it may be time for a replacement. If you have problems with clogs or other issues with your toilet, make sure that you call in a professional plumber before things get any worse.

A plumber can easily determine if your toilet needs replacing or can simply be repaired depending on the severity of the issue.

  • Uneven Floors:

If you notice that any of the floorings around your toilet is uneven or cracked, then there’s a good chance that your toilet will have to be replaced soon. If the flooring around your toilet has been damaged due to water leaks or clogs, then this needs to be addressed right away. Otherwise, the problem will only get worse over time.

Toilet replacement in Upper Hutt

  • Leaking Tank:

If your tank is leaking, it means that water is getting into the bowl through the holes in the bottom of the tank. This can cause damage to the bowl itself, as well as create an unsanitary environment in your bathroom. You should have your tank inspected by a professional plumber if you notice any leaks around its base or inside the bowl itself.

  • Frequent Repairs:

If your toilet has been repaired more than once in the past year or two, it’s probably time to start looking at toilet replacement options. A toilet that keeps breaking down can cost thousands of dollars over its lifetime, so if you’ve already spent several hundred dollars on repairs, it might be time to think about replacing it instead.

  • Crumbling Porcelain or Rusting Parts:

If you notice that the porcelain on your toilet is crumbling or rusting, this may indicate that it needs replacing. If these parts start falling off, then this could cause problems for you and anyone else who uses the bathroom. If there are any loose parts or pieces of porcelain in your toilet bowl, then these should be removed immediately so that they don’t get flushed down the drain.


The toilet is a vitally important fixture in your home, and you can’t afford to wait until toilet replacement in Upper Hutt is needed. You can save money with an efficient new model, plus get peace of mind knowing that all those leaks and clogs are gone!

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