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Are you looking for Delonghi NZ? The invention of different accessories has made our life easier no matter which area of life it is. But in the cleaning category, vacuum-cleaning accessories from the Delonghi NZ brand have been a hit Vacuum cleaner accessories like a crevice tool, turbo brush, upholstery tool, etc., make effective cleaning more accessible through their customized nature.

This article discusses the top-class vacuum cleaner accessories that make your life easier day by day.

Extension wand

An extension wand is used to clean high and low places because it extends the length of the vacuum cleaner. The extension wand helps you clean the ceiling and the places under wardrobes etc. Furthermore, it is used to clean;

  • Fan blades
  • Air vents
  • Door frames
  • Top of tall furniture
  • To pick up items between the sofa cushions

Fan Blade duster

Fan blade duster is one of the vacuum cleaner accessories which are mostly neglected. It works by attaching to an extension wand and is used to clean fan blades. For better cleaning, start cleaning from the fan’s core towards the end of the blade.

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Dusting Brush

Dusting the surfaces with a cloth damages your respiratory system and irritates. But dusting vacuum cleaner is so enjoyable.

A dusting brush is used with a vacuum for this purpose. The dusting brush consists of soft round inch-long bristles around the opening of the tool. It gives you clean surfaces without any dust and scratches. A dusting brush is used to clean;

  • Window treatments
  • Window screens
  • Baseboards
  • Air vents
  • Refrigerators coils
  • Chair and table legs
  • Inset panels of doors and
  • Clocks and bookends

Upholstery tool

The upholstery tool is the best for cleaning mattresses, couches, chairs, etc. It has a small flathead with powerful suction. The mouth of the tool is 4 to 6 inches wide to provide a direct band of suction to the fibers. Other uses of upholstery tools are;

  • It is used as a lint roller to clean dust and hair from mattresses and carpets.

Crevice tool

The crevice tool is used to add to a vacuum cleaner for cleaning holes and unreachable places. Furthermore, it is used to clean the refrigerator’s glass shelves, jars, stacking, and small holes. It is also used to clean the sofa.

Final Word:

In a nutshell, vacuum cleaner accessories from Delonghi NZ have Impressed so many people. There’s a long list of vacuum cleaner accessories that you can use to assist with vacuum cleaning and surprise your husband with a neat and clean house.