Hot Water System Repairs

Do It Yourself Hot Water System Repairs

Let’s discuss do it yourself hot water system repairs: If your hot water system gets damaged, replacing these units is very expensive. Although the replacement is the solution for all problems, some issues can also be resolved at home without making a costly service call. The replacements parts can be found at hardware stores, and a few common tools are all that’s needed. We have mentioned the five common difficulties that you can easily fix by yourself with a bit of time and elbow grease.

Hot Water System Repairs

Water is no longer hot:

This difficulty can also be solved by yourself, simply check the pilot light, and if it is on, it means the gas coupler to the main heater needs replacement. But if the pilot light continues to go out after being relit, it means the control valve of the system is at fault. The upper heating element or the thermostat needs to be replaced in electric systems.

Discolored water:

If you own a gas or electric hot water systems, and you noticed that the water becomes discolored, it means the tank itself is on the way out, and you may need to get home heating services from some professionals. But replacing the tank is not the solution as all water heaters carry a sacrificial anode rod. This rod slowly dissolves to resist rust and from collecting inside the tank. Therefore, you should replace the rod and discoloring of the water problem will automatically fix.

Foul-smelling water:

Any kind of bad smell in the water is a clear sign of bacterial infection. It may be due to the small leak in the municipal water unit that allows contaminates to reach home water heaters. These bacteria feed on the hydrogen gas. This hydrogen gas occurs due to the anode rod does its job to resist rust. This problem can be solved by flushing the entire water tank.


Due to the build-up of residue at the bottom of the tank, the water may be boiling inside the water tank. A full flush of the water tank will remove this residue. The grumbling noises from the electric water systems are due to this residue build-up on the heating elements. Removing them and cleaning of the electric elements will definitely resolve this issue.

Hot Water System Repairs

Water leaks:

When the water in the tank starts overheating, the relief valve is used to safely release the excess of boiling water and enable the tank pressure to get reduced. You should change the thermostat to a lower setting in order to solve the issue.

These are some of the best and useful do it yourself techniques for hot water system repairs. You can repair the minor issues of the heating system by yourself at home. But if something major occurs, you should call a plumber.