A simple way to prepare the floor for floor Polishing

It is very necessary to keep the floor clean and shiny. The floor polish is the best option to protect the floor from damage and scrapes. The floor polishing is not a very difficult procedure. Even very busy people can do floor polishing to protect the floor from scrapes and damage. Floor polisher is usually available in the market that can be used to polish the floor to prevent future cracks and scraps.

1.      Remove Furniture and Carpets

Remove all furniture and carpets present in the room carefully. Heavy wood furniture is usually not easy to dislocate. Call family members to dislocate the furniture items. Don’t push the furniture items without placing pads under the legs of heavy furniture items. Wrap the carpets to remove from the floor.

2.      Floor Vacuuming

To get rid of dust and small sand particles, vacuum the floor efficiently. The vacuum cleaner can be used to remove dust from the floor effectively. Use a lightweight vacuum cleaner. If the lightweight model is not available, use an air blower to remove dust from corners. A broom can also be used to get rid of dust and sand debris.

3.      3- Find out Finish of Floor

Before the use of Floor Polisher, it is necessary to clean fine particles of dust from the floor surface. Find out the finish of the floor by using two to three drops of alcohol or lacquer on the surface of the floor that remains covered with carpet. If the floor appears shiny on applying the alcohol then the finish is good for waxing. If the lacquer gives a good finish then water can be used to clear fine dust particles from the wooden floor.

4.      Floor Buffering

After cleaning the floor, use a microfiber cloth or buffering machine to buffer the surface of the floor. Push the mob in a circular motion until the floor starts shining.

5.      Floor Polishing

Choose water-based or wax-based polish after careful identification of the type and nature of the floor. After reading the instructions, carefully apply some amount of polish on a corner of the floor that usually remains covered with carpet. After the testing of polish, apply polish on the floor according to instructions and guidelines mentioned on the instruction brochure.


Cleaning, washing, and waxing of the floor is very necessary for the application of polish on the floor. Any negligence in the cleaning procedure can lead to damage and cracks on the floor. A commercial pressure washer can be used to clean and wash the floor evenly to prepare a floor for polishing.