Food production in hydroponic plant, lettuce

Hydroponics – A Unique Technique Of Planting

The planting is very important thing to save the environment and get oxygen for breathing. Nowadays different types of techniques are discovered by experts for growing plants. For growing plants, individuals are required to use lots of water. By the scientists a new way is found in which they are able to grow plants by using 90% less water. The name of this particular method is Hydroponics and by following it, you can grow plants without using soil. When you are following this planting program at that time you need to take help from some products for providing nutrients of soil to the plants.

Know more about Aquaponics system

The growth of a plant is based on the nutrients and mineral get by it during growing time. For it, different types of ways are selected by professionals. The Aquaponics system appears the best option for growing plants without using soil. This particular planting system is designed by combining two different techniques. It is the perfect combination of raising fishes (aquaculture) and method of soil-less planting. According to the system, experts are growing plants & fishes in same water tank and both things are helping each other for better growth. This unique planting system is divided in three different parts and you can understand it from following points.

  •         Firstly some fishes are added in the water tank. From some activities or moments different types of changes take place in the water and fish produces lots of waste.
  •         The fish waste works as the fertilizer for plants those you are trying to grow in that water tank. In this way plants get lots of nutrients.

·         Plants purify the water by eliminating all types of impurities that helps fishes in better growth. In this way hydroponics technique becomes helpful for better growth of fishes